Researcher & Tinkerer

I'm an NLP/ Audio engineer based in Germany with five years of experience in extracting insights from unstructured data.

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What am I doing now?


Speech Enhancement [Thesis]

I am researching the application of diffusion-based models for refining a produced speech/spectrogram representation.

Finished in Jul’23


I’m available for freelance NLP/ Audio Development + Training (up to 20 hours per week) contracts. Head to the Consulting page to understand how I can create value for you!

Previous gigs

Deloitte GmbH [~2 years]

Helping put together a Data Science function within the Tax Management Consulting section of the German firm. Built a go-to-market strategy for data cleaning and automated analytics for our clients.

Deloitte Consulting LLP [~3 years]

Led the Advanced Artificial Intelligence team within the Analytics & Cognitive section of the US & India firm. I practically lived in airports to deliver APAC/ EU/US-based projects.

Freelance ML Consultant [~1.5 years]

Built all things NLP for APAC + India-based clients. Key works included building a chatbot for an India-based telecom giant, an analytics dashboard for a mid-scale social media analytics company, and lots of ad-hoc data viz work.